Autopot 1 Pot System Extension Kit

Autopot 1 Pot System Extension Kit
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The 1Pot module is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant varieties and sizes. The 1Pot module is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank, as shown throughout the brochure. The 15 litre pot that is supplied with all 1Pot modules enables you to grow large specimen plants. The pot and tray can be easily moved if the plants grow too large and need to be spaced further apart.

All AutoPot products require:

Gravity pressure is all that is needed  from a tank or water barrel.

The systems are undoubtedly some of the simplest to use and can be left unattended for weeks due to the capability of the AQUAvalve to deliver all that is required by the plant.


The AutoPot 1Pot systems can be connected to build even larger systems

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