Trojan TS06 Grow Tent

Trojan TS06 Grow Tent
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Trojan Silver 06



Dimensions - 60cm x 60cm base and standard 1.4m tall

Framework - 16mm diameter powder coated metal frame with polypropylene corners

Cloth - 210D Mylar lined Oxford cloth.

Exhaust ventilation port - 204mm (accepts 6" Insulated or 8" standard duct) located at the back on the tent roof.

Intake ventilations - 2 x 204mm (accepts 8" standard duct or 6" Insulated) located on either side of the tent at the lower front.

High level cable entry ports for lighting, fans and pumps.




The TS6 can be placed on its side and used as a propagator tent in which you can then fit a 4ft T5 fluorescent and will accommodate 3 large propagators.


Lighting - We recommend a 150W metal halide for vegative stages and a 250W HPS for flowering, the use of low power lighting such as CFL or T5HO fluorescents.  Which light you choose will be dependent on the ambient temperature of the incoming air.  


The wattage of lighting will ultimately dictate your ventilation requirements.   


Fluorescent > 250W - Low power recommendation for high heat or cuttings


150W - Vegetative stages of plant growth and low power flowering


250W - Our recommendation for flowering stages if ambient temp allows



Fluorescents up to 250W - 4" TT fan (winter) - 5" TT Fan (summer)


150W light - 4" TT fan (winter) - 5" TT Fan (summer)


250W light - 4" TT fan (winter) - 4" RVK A1/VK Fan (summer)


We recommend the use of a thermostatically controlled fan speed controller to maintain your temperatures within the desired range.


Intake fans - The flow rates should be approximately 30-50% less than the exhaust fan(s) flow rate. This is to allow for the restrictions caused by carbon filters and to ensure negative pressure, when correctly set up your Trojan tent should be sucking in slightly.  When using intake fans always have a passive intake (ducting without a fan) this will ensure that the tent can breathe and that you aren't causing too much restriction on the intake.


Winter use in when incoming air is at or close to 0 degrees Celsius and summer use is 20 deg plus. Please note if the incoming air is close to or above your desired growing temperature then any amount of ventilation will struggle to cope and we recommend reducing light wattage or the use of air conditioners in these environments.

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